I am Matthew Hargis

I am Matthew Hargis. I grew up in the cornfields and baseball diamonds of Minnesota. I went to college on Oahu, and lived in Kailua. I lived once in the high desert of Utah. I slept in tents and sheds and climbed as many boulders as I could. I now live in Minnesota, and work as a digital marketer. I love it.

I have trouble sleeping sometimes. The darkness of the room illuminates the brightness of the world. Half a world away, I always think, it’s probably evening. Men in hats are smoking cigarettes and talking of places that no longer exist. The world is small now. The nooks and hidden doors have been catalogued and cached.

I’d like to hear the men’s stories. It keeps me up.

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Words Unsaid

Words Unsaid


I’d say I love you like the stars

But one day

They’ll burn out

And Fade away.


I’d say I love you like a diamond

But from dust it came

And to it

Shall go again.


I’d say I love you like a rose

But time does wilt her

red to gray.


So instead I’ll say I love you

Forever and Always.