4 Cool Labels to Help Stimulate Your Advertising Brain Today

1. Festina Watches


Festina does a great job here with an impression campaign. I couldn’t possibly imagine myself, or any other consumer, browsing a watch store without a significant pause to check out these watches. However, the watch community is one steeped in tradition and history, and this is clearly is a gimmick. Short term brilliance, though.




2. Nike Air

Nike Air Packaging | Image 1 of 2


Nike knows its demographic. For consumers who buy expensive sneakers, showing them off is the most important part of the transaction—especially if they’re part of ‘sneakerhead’ culture.

Many ‘sneakerheads’ care so deeply about their shoes, they’ll rarely wear them, for fear of dirt or creases from walking. They’re a modern accessory, and this new packaging empowers the demographic, giving them the opportunity to display their purchase in a beautiful way, completely protected.





3. Gnome Bread by Lo Siento

Gnome Bread by Lo Siento


I’d eat it.





4. Ippon Matsu Beer

Ippon Matsu Beer



Somehow both modern and classic at the same time. An incredibly simple and memorable display that is much more bold than it lets on—due to its minimal ‘branding’.

The product itself looks great too—the wonderful synthesis of great advertising with a great product. Ten out of ten, would drink again.


I received my first ad job by walking into the agency with one of their products—I’d stripped the label and bought a custom one from Labels West, and redressed it. They didn’t end up using the label for their product or anything astounding, but they were impressed for some reason. Anyway, over and out.



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Bill Clinton, Playing the Saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show, While in Office


The ’90’s.

They say every day that your future gets darker, the past, even the grimy parts, shine brighter and brighter.

Maybe our hope went down with the towers. Maybe it went with our dead boys in Kandahar. Could have burned up with the Lehmann Brother’s cocaine fueled global banking wildfire. Assange. Snowden.

But we’ve always got our golden past.

Shine on Bill, you crazy diamond.

Salt Lake Free Press

I did a couple articles for the Salt Lake Free Press.

My very first ‘published’ articles. One is satirical, one is straightfoward, about a 23 year old Hemp store owner. A character worthy of one of those Humans of ___ sites. 



I was paid $20 for the articles, a year later. Hey, at least the owner kept his word. I cashed the check, and bought a bottle of bourbon. Not a very good one, either. 

There are two types of attractive–most of us, yes, we’ve fought a war against ugliness, and won. But there are others, a diamond breed, who seem to come from somewhere else. A deep wellspring of beauty. Miles and centuries deep.